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Someone to Listen

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You're Coming Back Again

I want to get the most out of my life. As I go through life's ups and downs I ask myself, “What can I learn from these experiences?”

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The Spirit of Giving

Is Christmas only about department stores, online shopping and the material gifts we hope to receive?...

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Night and Day Story

Life has its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys. It isn't always happy and it isn't always sad. In the end, it all balances out. When times are down it's important to remember that things will change for the better.

My new CD, Night and Day, talks about making the best of every situation; to find beauty in the light and hope through the dark. The featured track, “Wish Upon the Sun,” inspires you to grasp the real, tangible opportunity that is right in front of you. Next time you make a wish, don't waste your time on some faraway star; go for the brightest thing in the sky!

In the Still of the Night,” offers hope through one of romance's dark times: Although I don't know how the other person feels about me, I have a powerful love that shines in my heart. That love is the single, constant experience that remains steady and strong through life's changes. My title track, “Night and Day,” tells us love remains constant no matter the distance, time, or what has happened.

Love helps us grow and gets us through the down times. The dark teaches us to appreciate the light. Life is enriched because of both the peaks and the valleys. After the darkness of every night there's always the light of day.


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1. Night and Day

My love remains constant throughout all life's changes, no matter how far apart we are, or how much time has passed.

2. Wish Upon the Sun

Next time you make a wish, don't waste your time on some faraway star. Go for the brightest light in the sky .

3. In the Still of the Night

It's late at night and I'm the only one up, except for the moon. I keep wondering: Do you feel the same way about me as I feel about you?

4. I Need a Break

I haven't had one minute of down time today. The best part of life is what happens in between all the busy activity.

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5. Someday My Love Will Come

I believe there's a soul mate for me and I know he's looking for me, too.

6. I Want Love

I've have totally simplified my life. I now know I really only want ONE thing!

7. Evening Blues

Have you ever stayed up all night because something was bothering you? Then, seeing the sunrise you were relieved because you made it to the next day.

8. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Whether it's a hot summer night or a cold winter's eve, you're the one I always want to come home to.

9. When the Moon Shines Through

I'm staring at the moon thinking maybe I wanted too much. Then I realize that this much desire is a rare gift. I can relax and enjoy it.

10. My Day in the Sun

Things may not be going well right now but won't let it get me down. I just keep smiling until it turns around – because it always does!

11. Ode to LA
I have a relationship with the city. I love LA but there are things about it I'd like to change.
12. Night and Day (C. Porter)

When I'm truly in love it's very intense because I focus on one person. Nights and days melt together as I think only of him!

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