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Someone to Listen

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Night and Day

Life has its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys. It isn't always happy and it isn't always sad.

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The Spirit of Giving

Is Christmas only about department stores, online shopping and the material gifts we hope to receive?...

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You're Coming Back Again Story

I want to get the most out of my life. As I go through life's ups and downs I ask myself, “What can I learn from these experiences?”I try to completely consume life by learning from it. Each experience holds a lesson. As I learn and my wisdom deepens, so does my joy and appreciation of life.

My new CD entitled, You're Coming Back Again , talks about the lessons we learn from romance. Romantic love can be exciting, fun and pleasurable. But it can also bring jealousy and heartache into our lives. We get hurt, learn our lessons from the experience, let go of the pain and proceed to fall in love again. But with each new romantic experience, we can learn new things about ourselves and life.

My title track, “You're Coming Back Again,” takes a light-hearted approach to a possible breakup. I learned that if I let someone I love go, they will come back. And he sure did. Why? Because our romance was intensely fun! And speaking of fun, my song, “Gonna Cause Trouble,” is about the fun of breaking a few rules. Sometimes I want to say or do a few things I know I shouldn't. I sometimes want what I can't have. This song is about pursuing a romance with someone who is off-limits. It's especially exciting when that someone wants to cause trouble, too!

If you're like me, you realize you must have romance in your life. Romance deepens our understanding of human emotions and enriches our lives. Romantic love has so many different moods and colors. For me, though, love has got to be fun. Otherwise, why would I keep coming back again to it?

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1. I'm Beginning to See the Light

For years I was like you: I chose career over romance. Love never paid the bills! Then I meet this amazing guy and sparks fly! The lights go on in my head. I realize that I need love in my life.
2. On Green Dolphin Street  

Remember the place where you and your special someone first expressed your true feelings for each other? That place will always hold a precious memory.

3. You're Coming Back Again  

I wasn't bothered one bit when he left me. I knew he'd come back. They always do!

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4. Route 66

Have you ever wanted to just hop in the car and get away from it all? You and your special someone could take a long drive and have great conversations. Escape, see the world, have fun together!

    5. I've Got the World on a String  
    I'm in love and life is good. I feel like nothing can bring me down. Love can make you feel so powerful and so LUCKY!

6. Black Coffee

All of us, at one time or another, have had strong, indescribable feelings about someone. There are those moments when that person is not with you or hasn't returned your calls and you begin to ask yourself a million different ways, “Why?”
7. On A Slow Boat to China  
Sometimes I can't get enough of my lover's attention! I want to get him in a quiet place, all alone with me for a long time. No TV, phone or other people. No distractions.
8. No Moon at All
We always hear about the romance of the moonlight. But this tune is about the romance of no moon at all. Total darkness can be scary but very mysterious. In that mystery, you wonder what will happen next!
9. Ain't Misbehavin'  
Have you experienced that time in your life when you don't need to go out looking and you're happy staying at home because you've found that special someone?
10. Gonna Cause Trouble
Do you ever want to do a few things you know you shouldn't? Maybe you want to be bad? This is my song for all you trouble makers!
11. Wolf in Sheep's Clothes  
I thought she was my best friend until she tried to steal my man. She's on the prowl and out for blood. BEWARE!
12. Hallelujah, I Love Him So  
He's got what I want when I want it. Morning, noon and night, right at my door. That's my kind of man!
13. I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues  
This is about the downside of a long-distance romance: the time apart is frustrating, lonely and painful. While the time together is blissful, when you have to part it's excruciating.
14. All of Me  
Sometimes you feel hopelessly, helplessly in love. You're at the point where you've already given your heart, which is the deepest part of yourself. So, it seems only natural to give the rest of yourself by expressing your love physically.
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